Best Bluetooth Speaker For Small Apartment in 2021

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If you are living in a small apartment, you do not need large home theater equipment. You have to utilize the limited space to keep a Bluetooth speaker that serves your musical needs. Therefore, in this article, we picked some of the best Bluetooth speakers for your small apartment.

There are thousands of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. It would be best if you did not buy and then regret wasting money. In this article, you will find budget-friendly yet high-quality speakers. We examined what kind of speaker is the best fit for small apartments.




Edifier R1700BT

JBL Charge 4

JBL Pulse 3

6 x 8 x 9.75 in

9.84 x 4.33 x 5.75 in

8.8 x 3.7 x 3.7 in

DOSS SoundBox Pro

DOSS SoundBox Pro


The speaker produces 20W powerful stereo sound since it has dual passive radiators. Powered by two full-range drivers. No matter how much you raise the volume, the sound does not distort. Instead, you hear the enhanced bass along with tighter mids and clear highs. You can enable the active extra bass feature with a single button press.

The thumping bass fills up every corner of the room. Another notable feature is the wireless stereo pairing. You can connect two soundbox pro speakers. As a result, you will experience 360-degree stereo with 2X volume. Also, the LED line around the border illuminates in three patterns with six color options. I like this as one of the best speakers for small apartments.

  • Beat-Driven Light Show
  • Wireless Stereo Pairing
  • 20 Hours playback time
  • Come with black color only
  • Weighs heavier


DOSS SoundBox Touch

DOSS SoundBox Touch


This speaker offers superior stereo sound on a small budget. Like the previous one, this one also runs on dual full-range drivers. Enhanced bass is also a staple feature. Moreover, it also has capacitive touch control. This allows you to touch your way to raise the volume, change tracks or pair up with additional speakers. The IPX5 feature assures resistance against accidental splashes of liquid. Hence, giving you peace of mind if you spill coffee.

The speaker is lightweight. Therefore you can easily place it at various spots within your room whenever you want. The Li-ion battery can power up the speaker for 20 hours if you play at 50% volume. It takes about 3-4 hours to charge with the conventional USB port fully.

  • Comes with many color options
  • Aux touch
  • Ultra portable
  • None




The Bugani M83 uses Bluetooth 5.0. Hence it has instant pairing and high-speed connectivity. You can enjoy stable signal transmission. Additionally, the power consumption is also minimal. The speaker houses two mid-bass magnetic speakers, two 4W tweeters, and two subwoofer diaphragms. You can even connect two additional speakers that play simultaneously. It also uses digital audio processors that deliver enhanced clarity of mids and highs.

Your small apartment will be filled with the powerful sound from the 40W speaker. The dual precision stereo drivers and bass diaphragm create distortion less sound even after the volume is maxed out. Therefore, this speaker is just the right one for your small apartment. Also, the speaker is IPX5 water-resistant. You don’t have to worry in case of minor water spills and splashes. This works as one of the best Bluetooth speakers for apartments.

  • Good built quality
  • IPX5 certified
  • Hands-free speakerphone with mic
  • Only black color available


Best Sound System for small apartment

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Best Sound System for small apartment



This speaker offers hassle-free connectivity to any of your iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Besides Bluetooth, you can conveniently connect your devices with aux cables, 3.5 mm jack, or RCA output. The best part is probably the remote control that allows controlling volume and every other thing. You have power at your fingertip.

Unlike the other options in this budget, this speaker has a high-quality MDF wood build finish. You will see the walnut effect that gives a classic look. Undoubtedly, this will add some value to the room decorum. For greater assurance, the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty for customers in the US and Canada. This warranty covers hassle-free parts and labor repair costs.

  • Remote control
  • Good built quality
  • Superb sound quality
  • Kinda heavy over 14 pounds.


Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Best Sound System for small apartment


This one is a perfect classic bookshelf speaker. Unlike its previous editions, you can now enjoy music on this one wireless! Just connect to your iPhone, Android, or whatever device you have. It pumps out studio sound quality. The sound is naturally fine-tuned. It utilizes 4-inch bass and 13 mm silk dome tweeters. You can connect to your TVs and computers using both optical and coaxial inputs for lossless quality.

Moreover, it has a remote control to adjust volume and toggle inputs using your fingertips sitting comfortably on your couch or bed. The speaker is housed in a high-quality wood box. Also, the manufacturers offer a two-year warranty to replace components and labor costs. I recommend this to be one of the best speakers for apartments.

  • The sound quality is amazing for the price.
  • Has ports for analog left/right, optical in, digital coaxial in, and Bluetooth.
  • The remote looks very cheap.
  • Sample rate is limited to 24 bit 48 KHz


Bose Linkable Bluetooth speakers

Bose SoundLink Revolve


Bose Linkable Bluetooth speakers


You will experience more profound, louder, and immersive sounds are coming out of it. That will be actual 360-degree coverage as well. Also, it has a built-in mic. Through which, you can receive calls sitting as far as 30 feet from the speaker. Nevertheless, the body is made of seamless aluminum to last long. IPX4 certification assures resistance against accidental spills of liquid as well.

The Li-ion battery can power up the speaker for up to 12hours. Additionally, you can pair it up with BT devices using voice prompts. This also includes taking calls and accessing your smartphone’s virtual assistant. On occasions of parties, you can connect two sound link speakers on stereo mode. Besides, the bose simple sync technology allows you to connect any bose smart home family device to play in sync. I think this one is one of the finest speakers for a small room.

  • Bose Connect app
  • Voice prompts
  • Lightweight at 1.46 pounds
  • None at this range


Bose SoundLink Color II


Bose Linkable Bluetooth speakers


The small, water-resistant speaker packs the innovative Bose technology. You can receive calls in a loud and clear voice with the built-in mic. Works flawlessly in a wide range of up to 30 feet. The build quality is quite rugged with a soft-touch silicone surface. This helps when you hold it in your hands. You can activate it with voice prompts for Bluetooth pairing. This works faster with NFC devices. The Li-ion battery powers up for up to 8 hours of playback. You can recharge it using any USB power source. Additionally, you can add two extra soundLink speakers when there’s a party or for stereo. In my opinion, this one is a small powerful Bluetooth speaker.

You can download the BOSE connect the app to unlock many features and receive updates in the future. The speaker is available in multiple colors like aquatic coral blue, red, or soft black. There is also an aux cable included for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices. BOSE never disappoints with the sound quality. You can hear every instrument playing individually. The lyrics being sung can be heard clear too. If you hear a lot of podcasts, then this one is the go-to speaker for sure. If you are looking for the best speakers for an apartment, get this one!

  • Texture is great to touch
  • The app is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • A user reported once the battery warning says it’s on medium, it isn’t very long before it runs out altogether


JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth


The JBLPulse 3 takes your listening experience to the next level. It is designed to deliver 360-degree sound with a 360-degree lighting show. The battery gives you 12 hours of uninterrupted playback. The IPX7 certification ensures resistance to dust and water spills. The speaker also comes with JBL connect+ technology. This allows you to connect with 100 plus other JBL speakers to amplify your music fun.

You can also receive calls through it by the touch of a button. Not to mention that’s both noises and echo canceling. The JBL Connect app lets you adjust your light sequence setting. This adds more fun, no doubt. You can even charge the battery and play the speaker at the same time. You can also connect via a 3.5 mm port in case the charge runs out.

  • Great lightshow !
  • Portable and has long lasting battery
  • 6 hours if its with the lights on, and 12 hours without the lights


Best Speakers for small room

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom

apartment bluetooth speakers

This model of Anker Soundcore Motion Boom has BT v5.0. All your tablets, smartphones, or any devices sync in a snap. You can also connect through the 3.5mm jack to your Tv, PC, or any non-Bluetooth device. It also has a hands-free calling option like the rest of the speakers.

Its two 15W full-range drivers and two 10W tweeters create booming bass and powerful 40W sounds. The bass booms also have less than 1% harmonic distortion. Hence, the sound is just as original. If you need more than a 40W volume level, then you can also connect two more speakers. You can also create the left and proper channels for them as well.

The rugged built quality is complemented by IPX7 certification. Therefore it is not just waterproof but also mudproof, snowproof. It survived even after being dropped multiple times. The best part is probably 40 hour playback time (if you play at 50% volume) and fast charging. It takes about 4 hours to charge fully. If you are looking for best speakers for small rooms then this is the one.

  • Lightweight at 4.19 lbs
  • Long battery life
  • Sturdy/waterproof design
  • None at this point


JBL Charge 4


You can connect up to two smartphones or tablets and play music in turn. It has a massive Li-ion battery of 7800 mah that supports approximately 20 hours of non-stop playback. You can recharge it by connecting to any USB device as well. The speaker is IPX7 certified, so you can be tension-free when water spills on it. It allows connecting more than 100 JBL connect+ speakers, so you can pump up your party experience when you take it outside.

A downside is that the package does not come with a USB wall adapter. You can connect non-Bluetooth devices with a 3.5 mm jack, though. The dual passive radiator (JBL bass radiator) creates a sound that resonates loud and clear. The speaker comes in ten distinct eye-catching colors. Hence, it will help you to match your small apartment room decor.

  • Bigger battery
  • Durable and rugged
  • IPX7 certified
  • Does not have speakerphone feature
  • Mono sound


What to consider before buying Bluetooth speakers for your small apartment

Since you will use the speaker in your small apartment, we suggest looking for the following qualities before buying.

Battery Life

Firstly, any Bluetooth speaker needs to have excellent battery life. Nobody likes to hear that annoying ‘battery low’ alert. You don’t want to charge it every couple of hours. Given that you are profoundly working or reading after heavy work. Generally, bigger-sized speakers do come with large batteries.

Audio Quality

You get the desired audio quality if the overall harmonic distortion is less than 1%. The lower, the better. Speakers with better frequency response sound better. Generally, the frequency ranges from 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The higher the frequency, the less we humans can hear. Thus, the lower frequency is essential, especially as we become older.


Bluetooth speaker these days comes in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from conical, cylindrical, spherical to traditional box shapes. Your apartment will vary in decor and accommodation. Therefore, you can select whichever style suits it.


For small apartments or rooms, you do not need a prominent speaker. Unless you plan to take it outside in the open occasionally. The smaller size is also convenient for portability. Say you want to take it to the car or washroom. Also, when you go on vacation, you can pack it in your luggage. However, bigger sizes come with better quality audio and a large battery.

Water and dust resistance

Resistance to gentle splashes of water and dust is always desirable. Your apartment may not be prone to water splashes now and then. But if your speaker comes with IPX5 or IPX7 certified, then you can use it in the washroom or kitchen sometimes. Moreover, you can take it to the pool or beachside.

Connecting multiple speakers

Speakers that can connect with another speaker are an excellent feature. This way you can enjoy stereo. Most of the speakers we featured in this article come with this feature.


NFC allows playing from your Android or iPod, bypassing settings, and directly playing. Keep in mind that the devices have to be compatible. However, in iPhones, NFC is solely dedicated to the Apple pay feature, so no music. But, NFC is not a big deal for Bluetooth speakers as you can still connect and play with or without it.

Wired Inputs

Sometimes you may need to use older music players that do not have Bluetooth. This is why wired connectivity might come in handy. Hence most of the Bluetooth speakers we featured in this article have an optional 3.5 mm port.

Speakerphone feature

Sometimes you lay idle several feet away from the phone. What if a call rings at that very instant? It might be cumbersome getting up and grabbing the phone. If your Bluetooth speaker has a speakerphone feature, you can instantly receive the call and carry out the conversation. However, the case would be different if the call was confidential in the presence of many people.


Are Bluetooth speakers worth it for use in small apartments?

Absolutely, in small apartments, you need to manage space. If you buy bigger audio systems, it might be too much for the utility. Smaller Bluetooth speakers will save you both space and power consumption. Moreover, they produce more than adequate sound to fill up your room.

Do we need waterproof speakers in our apartments?

Not necessarily, but then again, water spillage is always accidental. Nobody wants to risk their new set of speakers to ruin due to water. Also, you can use them in the washroom while showering or occasionally take them by the poolside.

Should we buy expensive Bluetooth speakers for small apartments?

There is no bound to how much money you want to spend on Bluetooth speakers. More expensive ones generally come with a bigger battery, superior audio quality, rugged built quality. Hence they will provide you with good value for money.


There are thousands of Bluetooth speakers out in the market. It is hard to choose which one will fit your needs. We picked ten from those thousands of models. Giving the verdict is challenging, yet we were able to select the best ones. Our emphasis was good value for money. We hope our article will help you make a decision.

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