How to instill healthy video gaming habits in your kids

Most parents would be shocked to see their children play video games as much as some adults do—the majority of adolescents and kids in the country play video games daily.

While many kids play them in moderation, others still become entirely obsessed and are unable to stop spending money on them. It is important to develop healthy video gaming habits in kids.

Concerned parents might become worried when their child is ignoring school or failing to get up in time, or is always staying up late playing video games and is way too tired to be up for school the following morning.

All of these concerns are perfectly normal and can come from a lack of good habits with regard to video gaming.

Games can give children a feeling of achievement, help them handle stress, and give a means for them to make friends.

Some children even can learn about other languages and cultures. Invite your child to play games that help them to understand, develop problem-solving abilities, and work together with other individuals.

Read this article to find how you can instill healthy video gaming habits in your kids.


You may set time limits for gaming each day

If you’ve got children, you’ll know how much they usually consume in a day and how quickly that affects other tasks.

This means that even if you are the most dedicated parent in your neighborhood, it might not be practical for you to allow them to spend so much time playing video games without you having some form of control over how much they are being exposed to.

In fact, by making sure that your children only have access to a small amount of media use at any one time, it can make it easier for you to monitor their behavior and ensure that they are growing up healthy.

Talk to your kids about their gaming habits and come to an agreement regarding how much time they should be spending on it.

A limit that you set for gaming each day is making sure that they have adequate time to finish off their homework. It will also ensure that no pending task is there as well.

Seeking permission from parents before downloading or playing a new game

Make it mandatory to ask for parent’s permission to download or play new games.

Although most of the new games that are introduced in the market these days do not require any form of consent from the users, still it is advisable to make them ask for the necessary permissions so that you can see the nature of the game without any problem.

As per my personal experience, most of the parental control software that is available in the market does not give adequate protection against pornographic material so it is always better not to rely on them for safety measures.

Every time your kids want to play a specific game, you may perform a background check and ensure it doesn’t have any harmful content.

Allow video games that have only G or PG rating

One of the hottest debates in our society these days is whether or not you can play video games that have only a G or PG rating.

There are many parents who do not allow their kids to play these types of games. And why should they? Even if a game has great graphic content, there is still an argument that violence and sex should not be involved in these games for younger players.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot buy video games anymore that contain violence and sex. But you will have to find stores that have those types of games available for your children to play.

These online retailers have been known to carry a variety of different types of games including some that don’t have violence and sex in them.

If you are going to purchase any video games, make sure you take these points into consideration before making your purchase.

Play video games with your kids

A lot of parents have been wondering if it’s possible to play video games with their kids without them becoming addicted.

The truth is, it’s not as hard as you might think it is. In fact, it can be so much fun that your children will forget they even have a controller in their hands!

One way to accomplish this is to start playing as a family. Get each person to bring a game that is appropriate for them so that you can play together and learn some of the games.

This is a great way to not only learn about new games, but it is a fun way for you to bond as a family as well. You can also learn some information together that may not come across when you are playing different video games.

Parents sometimes ask me this, but I always tell them that playing video games with children is so much more wholesome than playing alone because of all the stress and responsibilities in modern society.

Move video game console out of your kids’ bedroom

One of the effective ways to make sure your kids aren’t playing lots of video games is to move their gadgets or gaming console out of the bedroom.

In fact, once they get addicted to playing video games, they may play while you aren’t around. This may lead to unfinished homework or another routine task they were assigned to do.

Also getting any opportunity to play in secret can result in more addiction to other things like pornography, adult content, or falling victim to cybercrime.

The best practice would be to dedicate a place within the house that is easily visible and allows you to watch over anytime and peek at what’s going on with your kid’s video gaming activity.

Encourage kids to participate in outdoor activities to instill healthy video gaming habits

There is also a connection between outdoor video games and the development of addiction to video games. A study published in the American Journal of Pediatrics found that kids playing outside had lower rates of video game addiction compared to those who stayed indoors.

One possible reason why kids playing outside have lower addiction rates is the increased interaction with other kids during outdoor games.

Children who play frequently with other kids are less likely to develop video game addiction compared to those who don’t often play with other kids.

When you introduce sports into the lives of young children, it can also help them learn more about themselves and become responsible people in society.

Sports can give them an idea of achievement and also show them how to become more social as they go on to compete in various competitions. Competitive games like soccer and basketball can help build their confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Outdoor activities can also be used to bring the family closer together. Parents can take part by helping with the different sports that kids play.

Sometimes it just makes sense to take the younger children out for some exercise or adventure. This is another good reason to involve your kids’ lives in outdoor activities.

Play video games that require creativity and problem solving

It is not wrong to say that video games make people smarter. There are a lot of video games nowadays that are designed to test your intelligence.

They ask you to do difficult tasks that require a lot of thought. For example, if you are playing a game called Brain Age, you will have to manipulate objects, like a puzzle or aboard.

You will also have to think of different ways in order to use the objects in a correct manner. In the center of each video game is struggling.

But a lot of other video games — from mysteries and puzzles to handling virtual cities or empires — offer children the opportunity to accept an issue and work to discover a solution.

In other words, any game that requires brainstorming in a creative way is always meant to be beneficial for the kid’s mental growth.

The most obvious one is creativity. This is the main reason why computer games are so popular. Games require the use of many different types of creativity.

For example, a game that requires you to use logic will encourage you to come up with alternative solutions to problems that are more creative than those that require simple logic. More creative solutions are usually better than simple solutions.


These are just a couple of suggestions that you can use to start instilling healthy video gaming habits into your child’s mind as early as possible. While you might not think that these techniques will work, you have nothing to lose by trying them out.

Your child can spend countless hours on their computer playing games, but if you don’t instill the proper healthy video gaming habits into their mind, then they won’t have any desire to get off of the computer and go outside to play.

Getting started is quite easy, all it takes is a little guidance along the way.


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