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How to Easily Edit Your Laptop Wallpaper

Having the perfect laptop wallpaper can reflect your personality and style. To ensure this, you must be able to edit it as you please. Here is how you can easily edit your laptop wallpaper to fit your every need.

1. Choose Your Wallpaper

The first step is to select the perfect wallpaper for your laptop. If you want to customize your own wallpaper, you can download a blank canvas and use a photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit it. Otherwise, you could search online for ready-made wallpapers or even create one with a free online service.

2. Resize Your Wallpaper

Once you have chosen your wallpaper, you need to resize it to fit your laptop’s screen. If you are downloading an existing wallpaper from a website, you could select an option for its size. Otherwise, you should select the size of the wallpaper according to the pixel size of your laptop’s screen.

3. Crop Your Wallpaper

Some images tend to take up the entire screen, and that can affect the appearance of the wallpaper on the desktop. Therefore, it is important that you crop the wallpaper to the size that you want. To do this, you could open the wallpaper in a photo-editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, and use the Crop tool to eliminate the unwanted elements of the picture.

4. Add Text or Graphics

If you want to add a title or any other text to your wallpaper, you can use a photo-editing software again. Additionally, you could also choose to add some graphics such as stickers, frames, or other elements. Doing so could turn a plain wallpaper into a more interesting and creative one.

5. Save and Install Your Finished Wallpaper

After editing your wallpaper, you can save it to your device and then install it as your desktop wallpaper. On Windows, you can right-click the image, select ‘Set as Desktop Background’, and save the settings. On a Mac, click ‘System Preferences’, choose ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’, and then select the image as the wallpaper.


Editing your laptop wallpaper is an easy process that can give your desktop personalization. It can be done with or without a photo-editing software, depending on your desired result. Furthermore, when you have your desired wallpaper, you can save and install it in just a few clicks.

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