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Bring Nature to Your Desktop With Laptop Wallpapers

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Invest in some much needed time for yourself and surround yourself with beautiful nature scenes as your laptop wallpaper. Here are some of the most stunning laptop wallpapers to bring the peacefulness of nature into your everyday life.


A magnificent view of a mountain offers a much-needed escape to a different world. Let your laptop wallpaper show off your love of nature with a mountain landscape with lush green trees and tall peaks:

  • Magnificent Mountain – With a unique mix of shades of blue, this wallpaper brings a peaceful feeling of peace surrounded by nature.
  • Snowy Mountain – Imagine yourself snuggled up with a cup of hot tea while looking at this beautiful snowy wallpaper.
  • Blue Horizon – The sun sets the sky aglow in oranges and pinks in this stunning wallpaper of a far-off mountain range.


The sound of rushing water is enough to soothe away the worries of the day. Let a waterfall wallpaper take you away to a better place with these beautiful options:

  • Forest Falls – This wallpaper features a tranquil waterfall nestled in a lush green forest.
  • Desert Falls – This wallpaper blends cool blues and warm oranges for a uniquely beautiful view of a desert waterfall.
  • Ice Falls – The glistening winter waters of this majestic waterfall are sure to bring a calming atmosphere to your laptop.


Trees offer a refreshing view of the natural world. Enjoy a look at a solitary tree or dense forest for a wallpaper that will give your laptop a peaceful and beautiful look:

  • Dense Forest – Showcase a full forest with this wallpaper, from mighty pines to small ferns.
  • Starry Trees – Enjoy a night under the stars with this romantic wallpaper featuring trees covered with twinkling stars.
  • Autumn Trees – Enjoy the tranquility of an autumn walk with this wallpaper showcasing the vibrant colors of fall leaves.

Surround yourself with beautiful nature scenes as your laptop wallpaper and enjoy the peacefulness they bring. Whether you prefer peaceful mountains, stunning waterfalls, or the beauty of trees, these laptop wallpapers will help bring the tranquility of nature into your daily life.

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