10 effective ways to protect your home from burglars

Knowing how to protect your home from burglars helps. With burglars breaking into homes nowadays. This has become a more significant issue than ever.

Tech Insider 360 has laid out some home security measures. Following these will make one’s home less appealing to burglars.

Set up the best alarm system

When thinking about how to burglar-proof the house. You may consider purchasing a new alarm system. This helps to prevent burglars from entering the house and stealing your valuables.

There are many different types of alarms available. You need to get one that fits your house and alerts the proper authorities if triggered.

There are even some wireless systems. These allow you to fit them without having to worry about drilling holes or pulling wires.

If you already have an existing security system, consider adding an alarm system. It will ensure that your house is safe against all kinds of threats.

Make your windows burglar resistant.

protect your home from burglars

Burglar-proof windows are a combination of many different window safety measures. Window security is fundamental in homes since windows are easy to access points for intruders.

This is why homeowners need to install the most effective security devices in their windows. There are several techniques to make burglar-proof windows and glass.

Try using after-market window locks even though there are pre-fitted locks on your window. There are several types suitable for your different windows.

Pin locks will provide excellent support on windows on the ground floor. It doesn’t let to lift windows from the outside.

Key locks are a good choice, along with hinged wedge locks and sash locks for use in double-hung windows. Also, try installing tempered glass, or if you have a reasonable budget, then go for Plexiglass as these are impact resistant.

Installing window bars is practical, too, in case the burglars break the glass. Bending and going through the bars would be challenging for them.

Trim the shrubs around your house to increase visibility

You wouldn’t want to facilitate the burglar to hide when they try to break into your home, so you must remove any potential hiding spots.

Any burglar would hide a few minutes before making the first move to break into your house, so if there isn’t any place to hide, likely, they won’t even try.

You even might want to put thorny shrubs by your entrances, including windows which will make it difficult for the burglars. This will also make it harder for them to escape once they grabbed your valuables after breaking in.

Improve lighting around your house for better visibility

Turning on lights around your house is the best way to make your home less attractive to burglars. However, keeping the house protected and secure does not end with installing good security lighting.

Proper lighting is vital so that burglars will have no hiding spots around the house. It would help if you chose an area in your home that is dark at night. Avoid placing all the light near the front side only.

If you already have lights installed in these spots, you should place them high up in the ceiling. This will not let the burglars damage them before stealing in your house.

Nevertheless, a well-lit place will always deter any burglars. It will also help you to detect the burglar before they can finish their job and escape.

One of the most effective methods of deterring burglars is the use of high-tech security lights. These lights have special sensors in them that will detect the presence of an intruding individual.

They will come on and illuminate the place when they detect movement. This can help make the home look more secure, making it less likely that someone will be able to sneak in undetected.

Refrain from labeling your house keys or keeping spare outside your home

If your keys have been labeled and then stolen or lost, you may be in a great deal of trouble, particularly if your wallet gets your ID and home address.

And the burglars understand how to look beneath mattresses and in the gravel to discover hidden keys, therefore instead leave a set of spare keys with a trustworthy neighbor or another family member.

Keep all your valuable possessions in a secure lock box or safe locker.

It’s better to keep it safe than to be sorry later. When you are heading outside for a prolonged time or, say, one day or two, you might want to keep all your valuable belongings in a lockbox or a safe locker.

In case of any event of an intrusion, the burglars won’t find any valuable items visible to grab and slip away. Also, please do not leave the passcode anywhere or with anyone unless you trust them.

At times the burglars might want to take the whole lockbox or safe locker out of your house. To avoid such acts, you may want to bolt and attach them to the floor or wall so that the burglars find it hard to break them off.

Develop good relation with your neighbors to protect your home from burglars

Crime appears to be minimal in closely-knit areas since people in such places tend to be somewhat more inclined to be on the watch for each other, and they can quickly recognize an outsider.

Your neighbors can be your finest resources in home burglary prevention since they will have extra eyes to watch out for.

Additionally, if they have a different school or work schedule than yours, they may be around during the daytime while you’re off and may alert you of any unusual incidents that may come up while you’re gone.

Neighborhood watch programs have been shown to reduce the rate of residential burglary.

The idea behind this type of program is simple; if the neighbors can watch out for signs of unlawful behavior, such as discarding drugs. They can respond quickly. The community as a whole will be in a better position to police its own home.

In this way, neighborhood watch can work alongside the police. This reduces the chance of a law break or a crime spree happening in a neighborhood.

Install security cameras on crucial spots around the house

Many homeowners choose to install security cameras as a part of their home security plan. These are a great way to see who is coming into the home when you are not there.

Cameras should be put in places that are easy targets for burglars. They can be placed inside of windows, behind the walls. Or any other site that could provide someone with means of entering the home.

This will usually alert you in case someone is trying to enter your property.

Keep all doors and windows closed and locked when going out.

Why is it important to keep all doors and windows closed to prevent burglars? Burglars are always out there waiting for an opportunity to commit a burglary.

They are not concerned about whether someone lives in a house or not; they want valuable goods inside the house. When burglars see that a home is full of valuables, they will find a way to try to break in.

Burglars choose houses that are vacant on the weekends. The reason is that when people go out during weekends, the windows and doors are usually shut. This gives the sign that the house could be empty.

Burglars know that the homeowners are more likely to be away on weekends. Suppose a homeowner is at work and does not have time to check and close all the doors and windows. This puts them at high risk of being a target.

Change locks and keys periodically to protect your home from burglars.

Changing locks and their keys from time to time will give you confidence that nobody has made copies of your regular keys and distributed them.

At times burglars might come to your place when no one’s around and figure out the kind of lock you use. Then they may attempt to make duplicate keys and keep them for an opportunity later. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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