10 Good Reasons Why You Should Drive An Electric Car in 2021

Electric vehicles are becoming common, and you’re probably not alone in wondering if an electric car is right for you. We at Tech Insider 360 have gathered ten reasons why you should drive an electric car.

As the EV and battery support technology continues to develop, disadvantages such as high cost, restricted range, performance problems, long charge time, and lack of charging stations are diminishing.

Since EVs are here to stay and will be the most feasible option in the coming years, we decided to give you a clear direction regarding why you should drive an electric car.

Electric cars cost less than ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

An instantly obvious distinction between EVs and internal combustion engines is their fuel source.

ICEs run on fossil fuel to power the machine internally, while EVs run on electricity. Electricity may come from various sources, including coal or gas combustion, or renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro.

One of the key benefits of electric vehicles is that they are relatively cheap to run. An electric car, on average, costs around £2 to travel 100 miles. That is cheaper than the cost of coffee in the morning.

The average equivalent of petrol for driving the same miles will be £11.60. Incredible when you think about it.

No need to wait on fuel stations as you can charge at home.

Reasons Why You Should Drive An Electric Car

It’s great to think that there’s no waiting in queues to refuel your car while you go to work or grocery stores. In addition to this EV charging bonus, renewable sources increasingly produce the power that goes into your batteries.

Non-renewable electricity is generated domestically to recharge your electric vehicle. Add your home or workplace to a solar array, and your commute will be virtually free.

When installed, you will be able to charge your EV when you’ve parked up by simply plugging in the charging cable. It’s as simple as getting your cell phone charged.

Using a 7kW home charging outlet, most EVs can assign to the total capacity in around 8 to 12 hours, so your car will be ready to go when you are. Rapid chargers will accelerate the process much more, charging most vehicles to about 80 percent in less than an hour.

Electric cars have low maintenance.

The motors in electric cars have fewer parts thus need less maintenance than internal combustion engines. The spark plugs, fuel filters, transmission fluids, and drive belts don’t need to be changed often.

This can result in substantial savings, especially as the car gets older. However, electric motors require brake fluid and should be periodically serviced.

EVs still need frequent maintenance, despite requiring little care than gas-powered cars. And when comparing EVs to gas-powered vehicles, some of the tasks of maintenance are virtually similar.

The rest of the components like suspension, lights, tires, cabin filtration system, windshield wipers, and chassis maintenance are similar to conventional cars.

Electric vehicles are performance vehicles.

Reasons Why You Should Drive An Electric Car

Driving a plug-in electric vehicle is always thrilling. The instantaneous torque and quiet acceleration are what appeals the most.

Electric cars are downright practical and fun to drive, and they’re not just for the wealthy and famous. For the everyday commuter, they are perfect. With benefits like regenerative braking, EVs are also highly efficient, and many have innovative features, such as connectivity.

Instant torque is a common feature of all-electric cars, which means that you always have the control right at your fingertips.

You’ll get an instant response and speed increase from the car as soon as you press the accelerator, making these vehicles perfect for city driving.

Electric cars give you a quiet and calmer ride.

The quiet and calmer ride that electric cars give you is not only for the driver. It also works for the environment. Because electric vehicles run more efficiently and use less gas than their gasoline counterparts, the emissions are much cleaner.

They do not put out as much pollution as other types of cars would and they give you a better chance to be as green as possible.

As well as being a more environmentally friendly vehicle, an electric-powered car also offers you the opportunity to have a quiet and comfortable ride at a lower cost.

You will not be ranting and raving about how loud the engine is or how tiresome your ride is. When you drive a gasoline-powered car, you will hear all of those things because the engine makes a lot of noise. But with an electric vehicle, it is quiet, and so is the ride.

It gives you the chance to reduce your carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In contrast to traditional gas-powered vehicles, you can reap many environmental advantages when you drive an electric car. Some examples are removing toxic tailpipe emissions such as soot, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and nitrogen oxides.

Even though today, in the US, the emissions from the source of power to run EVs are equal to that of a gasoline car that runs 100 miles per gallon or more. Emissions are only decreasing as the energy grid uses renewable forms of electricity.

You should drive an electric car to lower your carbon footprint. It is an essential step of combating global climate change and reducing 1.5 degrees C, in line with the Paris Agreement’s objectives.

Before the tax break is lifted, this might be the best time to pick up an electric vehicle.

There are many tax incentives for electric cars in the United States. The major tax break you can get is the credit you get on your tax return for driving a hybrid or electric vehicle.

This credit varies from state to state. You can get a maximum of $7500 for a vehicle that runs on electricity. Many states offer an incentive payment of up to five percent of the car’s cost or truck for those that own one.

Most tax breaks come in the form of a discounted price and the ability to write off the vehicle’s total cost. Some incentives are offered for both hybrid cars and electric cars. Some tax breaks only apply to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles provide safer rides – one of the reasons why you should drive an electric car.

Electric vehicles offer safer rides than traditional gas-powered cars. It is more convenient, quieter, and has a more excellent range compared to gas-powered cars.

This allows drivers to take their vehicles on longer drives without worrying about how they will charge up or how long the journey will last.

Also, the latest studies have shown that electric cars are less vulnerable to accidents. EVs appear to have a lower gravity core, making them less likely to roll over.

They will also have a lower chance of significant fires or explosions. Also, in a crash, the construction of chassis and stability of EVs will make them safer.

There are dedicated lanes for EVs on the highway in some places.

The new special lanes proposed by the U.K.’s government will operate like conventional electric car chargers. It will utilize magnetic power induction technology to allow cars to charge while moving.

These are particular lane locations called electric vehicle recharging islands. These will allow drivers to stop for a while and then get the car charged while continuing to move.

This is a massive benefit to electric cars. The current infrastructure for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles doesn’t provide enough charging stations. Hence, cars cannot travel on the roads for far distances.

With this plan, drivers will be able to use these recharging zones for a while between their last electric recharge and their next electric recharge. They will also have a continuous charge available to them.

In short, this will save drivers money by providing them with a free charging station while they use their vehicle.

Drive an electric car to get the health benefits as well

We’ve all heard about the many health benefits of driving electric cars. What exactly are these things that make them so great? Well, for one thing, they are completely environment friendly.

Using electricity to power a car means that you can run the lights and most of the electrical components off of the energy that is produced by the batteries. This means no harmful emissions or by-products, meaning clean air and safe driving for everyone.

There are several health benefits offered through electric cars as the current emission standards for automobiles continue to grow more stringent. It is essential to look at how we can go green and still get the most benefit at a cost-effective price.

Electric cars offer some excellent solutions to this problem. Depending on the manufacturer, most of them provide the option to go green. Also, reduce their initial expense through reaping the rewards of reduced energy consumption and higher resale values.

One of the key reasons you should drive an electric car is that electric cars don’t contribute to air pollution. They will not be banned by legislation. They can enhance the local air quality.

The health benefits offered through electric cars are two-fold. Significant improvements in health are also the byproduct of these changes. There are plenty of good reasons why you should drive an electric car.

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